Even though
there are many local churches,
etc., there is really only “one” Body of Christ, or
“one” Church, or “one” House, or “one” Temple of God,
and every member is a living stone, which is connected
to the “rest” of the Body, the Church, the House, or
the Temple, with Jesus being her Head, or
her Lord, or her Boss, as well as
her Judge (of course).

[Note:  Remember:  Jesus will judge everyone,
by His “written” Word, without respect of persons; and,
of him, to much more has been given, much more is required.]

Now, given that many organizations claim to be the “one,”
and the ONLY Body, or Church, or House, or Temple,
we feel as if it is our obligation, to bring clarity,
to what might otherwise be confusing.

And, once you hear, what we have to say,
we hope that you will join us, in helping Jesus,
to do, what He wants done, for everyone’s benefit,
including ours ‐‐ which is, for us (as Christians), to get,
be, and stay united, even though Satan, and his servants
would love to see us “continue” to be divided, and
“continue” to fall, as God’s children.

[Note:  We are uniting God’s children,
in real, and practical ways,
for God’s glory,
for our benefit, and
for the sake of the lost.]

God’s children
can hear the Word of God, while
Satan’s children can’t; and God’s children
do the Word of God, while Satan’s servants don’t
(see John 8:37-47, John 14:15-26, and more).

And, Satan’s children serve, or obey him, because
they have to, or he will hurt them, or their loved ones, etc. 
However, God’s children have a choice.  And, they can serve,
or obey Satan, if they wish to.  The problem is, if they
yield themselves, to serve, or obey Satan,
they have made him their lord
(see Rom. 6:16). 

As Christians,
we have been warned,
to NOT do that, but, rather,
to submit ourselves to God, or
to obey God, and to resist,
or to disobey Satan.

So, no matter what Satan,
and his servants do,
it is up to us,
who can hear God’s Word,
to do it, and to benefit, “because” of it
(including overcoming the world, the flesh,
and the devil, etc.) ‐‐ that, or Satan, and
his servants will do their thing
(which is to steal, kill,
destroy, deceive,
and more).

as astute Christians, who
have seen the rise of Christian persecution
(both in America, and abroad), we know that we have
been in nothing less than an International Emergency,
“because” we (as Christians) have been divided,
and falling, in America, and abroad,
for generations.

we believe, that
those who have eyes to see,
ears to hear, and hearts to understand
all of this, will “unite,” with us, RIGHT NOW!!!

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While we would like to embrace everyone,
because we want everyone to be included (although
obedience, to Jesus, is the only way to be found worthy),
both the “written” Word of God (which will never change),
and “experience” have taught us, that most people
will end up making “foolish” choices, that
will bring the curses, instead
of the blessings.

Neither Jesus,
nor the Father will come,
to abide with those who do NOT obey
Jesus’ commandments (see John 14:15-26).  And,
the foolish choose to NOT obey Jesus’ commandments,
which are NOT grievous, or hard to obey
(see 1John 5:3).]

On the other hand, for those of us who make “wise” choices,
imagine what it would be like, to be close to Believers,
who would never even dare to hurt, steal, lie,
or offend anyone, in any way, EVER
(their having the fear
of the Lord);
if they do offend,
they make things right, immediately
‐‐ even according to the “written” Word of God.

Imagine what it would be like,
to have people, who are filled with the Holy Ghost,
and who are operating in the gifts of the Spirit, all around you.

Imagine what it would be like, to have people read your thoughts,
like a book, and tell you things, that are going to happen,
in advance.  Would you like that?

[Note:  Those who do evil deeds, hate revelation knowledge;
while those who do good deeds, love it
(see John 3:14-21).]

Would you like to be corrected,
instructed, or edified, before you make mistakes,
and before the world, the flesh, or the devil could mislead you?

Would you like to know, what to do, and what to
NOT do; where to go; who to hang out with; where to work;
what to work on; how long to stay somewhere, and when to leave;
what to invest in, and when; and what will cause you to have life,
and life more abundantly, and all the other good things,
that God wants you to be “able” to receive,
both right now (in earth), and
later (in eternity)?

AND, would you like to know,
beyond a shadow of a doubt,
that you have been forgiven, and
that you are on your way to heaven,
as well as into every other good thing,
that God has for you, now, and later?

Like everyone on the entire planet,
your future is hidden in Christ Jesus ‐‐ and,
there is unimaginable power, and blessing,
in our being “united,” as Christians.

Absolutely NOTHING will be “withheld” from us,
if we will simply get, be, and stay united, and
start working together, as Christians,
in every aspect of our lives.

Now, if this is what you want, please join us ‐‐
even because this is what Jesus wants ‐‐ and, this is
what we are going to get, have, keep, enjoy, and
share (by God’s grace), as members of
The Church Alliance (TCA).

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We are the Body of Christ, or the Church,
or the House, or the Temple of the “living” God ‐‐
and, we are going to TAKE our inheritance, in Jesus’ name
(being that Kingdom of God suffereth violence, and
the violent must TAKE it, by force).

So, if you want your inheritance, “too,” you should join us ‐‐
even because united we SHALL stand (as Christians)
‐‐ and, “unity” begins with YOU!

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We have an enemy,
who wants us to be divided,
and falling, and foolish, and more.

However, we have a God, who wants us
to be united, and standing, and wise, and
blessed, beyond our wildest imaginations.

And, since our God requires
that we get, be, and stay united,
it is nothing less than “life-critical,”
that we hearken to this message
(about our getting, being,
and staying united),
and act on it.

[Note:  To know
God’s opinion, about unity,
as well as about being obedient,
to Jesus, please see Matthew 12:30,
Acts 3:22-23, and other scriptures.
These things are serious, and
they apply to everyone.]

Truly, unity begins with YOU!
And, if you are NOT united, with Jesus,
and with us, where, and when will unity start?

Well, it might NEVER start ‐‐ and,
it would definitely NOT start, with “us” ‐‐
AND, we would definitely NOT be able to enjoy
the many “benefits” of OUR having been united.

And, even worse than that, if Jesus sent “us,” to YOU,
with this vital message, about our getting, being, and
also staying united (as members of His Body), and
you refuse to hear us, and you refuse to do,
what is necessary, for us to be able to
be united, what might Jesus do?

Of him, to whom
much more has been given,
much more is required.

Needless to say,
we need to “change” things,
in our lives, and in the lives of others, or
we could see the judgments of God come upon us.

So, let’s do what it takes, today, to get the benefits
of being united, no matter what local church, or
what ministry (or ministries) you might, or
might NOT support, or attend,
right now.

Let’s “unite,” GLOBALLY,
as members of the “one” Body of Christ, or
the “one” Church, or the “one” House, or
the “one” Temple of the “living,”
exactly like
Jesus “wants” us to
(see John 10:14-18, and more).

To join us, please click here.

may God bless you,
and yours, and all of us. 
Help us, Lord.